Exhibition - The Ulm Model


The irony of placing a show about the Ulm School in an art gallery is that the school’s founders were adamant that design was not art. But the impact of the school from its establishment in 1953 to its closure in 1968, and beyond, has been huge and the products that came out of it still appear strikingly beautiful — especially in Raven Row’s display, designed by architect David Kohn.

During its short life from 1953 to 1968, the Ulm School of Design (HfG Ulm) in Southern Germany pioneered an interdisciplinary and systematic approach to design education – known as the Ulm Model – that was to become universal. This is the first exhibition in the UK to represent the achievements of the School, including the foundation work in drawings and models by the students as well as the radical designs famously commissioned from the School by corporate clients such as Braun and Lufthansa.

From radiographs and weighing machines to traffic lights, petrol cans, bed frames and kitchenware, the exhibition will gather and correlate objects designed for diverse industries at HfG Ulm. Braun GmbH is providing the exhibition with the last remaining units of their iconic D55 display structure, designed at the School in 1955 to exhibit its modernist reinvention of Braun’s audio sets.

Currently exhibiting at Raven Row, 56 Artillery Lane
Until 18 December


Jack Pattison